Rebranding to Atto CMMS

March 31, 2021

Atto Asset Manager

Doctor’s Bazaar - Asset Manager

The medical device asset management solution on Doctor’s Bazaar was born out of a pain point we saw where hospitals did not have good tools to manage their existing device inventory.

Medical devices are a significant investment and their regular maintenance, calibration and management is essential to not only provide acceptable healthcare service but also to reduce cost and adhere to compliance requirements. Yet, when we explored the set of digital tools required to help Biomedical and healthcare facility teams manage their inventory, we found that the tools were either outdated or insufficient.

So in 2017, we built a simple asset inventory management and incident tracking solution on top of Doctor’s Bazaar - a marketplace for hospitals to discover new products and engage with manufacturers and authorized distributors.

Evolving into a full fledged CMMS

Since 2017, the asset management solution has grown both in scope and scale.

Over the years we have added a ton of capabilities to the software making it the most comprehensive suite targeted to healthcare technology maintenance:

  • PM and Calibration Calendars

  • Service Logs

  • Spare Parts & Accessories Store

  • Analytics & Dashboards

  • Asset Transfer tracking

  • Asset Utilization

  • Calibration Checklists

  • Maintenance Contract management

  • Daily Rounds

  • KPI Metrics

With all these features, it has evolved into a comprehensive CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Software) solution for biomedical teams and healthcare facilities.

The Asset Manager was built under the Doctor’s Bazaar marketplace namespace and URL. While this was convenient when we were just building the product initially, we knew we had to carve out a separate identity for this product at some point.



Today, we are pleased to announce a dedicated URL and digital identity for the Asset Manager under the brand: Atto CMMS.

Starting today, you can use https://attocmms.com to access the Asset Manager application. And shortly, we will be changing the mobile app name to reflect “Atto CMMS” with a new logo on both the Android and iOS app stores.

We have also added a new landing page to describe Atto CMMS capabilties.

New Mobile App Icon

The “Doctor’s Bazaar” mobile app will also get renamed to “Atto CMMS” automatically as we rollout the changes to the app stores and the app icon will also reflect the Atto icon.

Mobile App Icon


  • As a hospital using Doctor’s Bazaar Asset manager, what changes for me?

    Nothing changes in terms of features and terms. With Atto CMMS, we are only providing a new URL and identity for the product.

  • Will the existing URLs still work?

    Yes. The https://www.doctorsbazaar.com URL that you have used to access the web application will continue to work and have the same features.

    The Mobile App will automatically reflect the new name “Atto CMMS” with a new logo after a few days.

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